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LucidTrac is an online communication platform that allows people to connect with each other and share information safely and efficiently. It has many features, including instant messaging, file sharing, and video conferencing.

The company is looking for sales representatives to schedule demos, close deals, and renew existing contracts. These positions are for freelancers or independent contractors who will be compensated on a commission-only basis for the first 3-6 months while the company determines if they are a good fit.

The sales reps will be responsible for building lists of potential clients by accessing chamber of commerce websites, making cold calls, and sending emails via the LucidTrac platform to demonstrate it as a possible solution for businesses. The product can be reviewed at and

Sales targets per sales person are set at two months per node sold, paid at the beginning and end of the first six-month term. After that, sales reps are responsible for ensuring client renewals for each new term where they are entitled to the first month`s renewals.

Sales reps must generate leads and new accounts based on demos provided of the LucidTrac platform. Each demo that converts to the first sale becomes their account, and they are responsible for maintaining an ongoing relationship with them. The goal is to get clients to renew for extended periods of time.

LucidTrac will provide support and training as needed to help move sales reps forward with proper demos and account renewals. All products are sold in cycles of 1x6 months, 1x6 months, 1x12 months x LOC (life of customer).

If interested, fill out the form or text JOBS to 641-369-3690. LucidTrac is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates.

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